5 Plants Perfect For Lower Light Homes

As the days get shorter, here are 5 great plants for folks with lower light homes.  While these plants do thrive in bright, filtered light, they also tolerate lower light spaces very well.  As these plants get less light, they also use less water, and most of these plants will only need to be watered once a month at most during the shortest days of the year. 

So if lighting is becoming an issue in your home, especially as the seasons change, try one of the below plants that are fairly easy to care for. 
A miniature relative to the popular ZZ plant, Zenzi plants have the same waxy leaves and thick stems, but they grow slowly and stay small in stature.
Sansevieria are known for tolerating very low light spaces, and this particular variety is a great choice for someone looking for a plant with a splash of color.  
While this boldly colored succulent is native to sunny, arid environments, it actually does quite well as an indoor plant in filtered to very filtered light.  
Philodendrons in general are tropical plants known for tolerating lower light, and a velvety, trailing philodendron micans is a great plant for a spot with dappled, filtered light.  These will actually sunburn or get sun-stressed with too much direct light, so you can use the color of their leaves to judge when more or less light is needed. 
Syngonium is a family of tropical plants that thrives in lower light.  This vining plant can be both trellised, or just draped over the edge of its pot, and looks great perched on a bookshelf if ever you run out of space on the windowsill for another plant.