Valentine’s Day: Plant Salon Style

It’s February and that means Valentine’s Day is almost here! As you're thinking about what to give your loved one or BFF this year,  think about surprising them with a gift that will last longer than a box of chocolates and a bouquet, because this year, we need all the good surprises we can get! 

Our Valentine's Day gift sets are a curated and creative way to give your valentine something fresh. These gift sets are specifically designed for creating a special moment no matter how you plan to spend the day. 

 Check out all our sets to see how your Valentine’s Day can be filled with so many beautiful things! 

Touch Me Gift Set, $50

For Who: For the person looking to get extra close on Valentine’s Day

What’s In It: Tobacco Rose Body Oil, Stargazing Candle & Lavender Bath Salts

Why We Love It: It’s filled with all the cozy, calming scents perfect for a quiet - and romantic - night in. 

Feeling Smitten Gift Set, $24

For Who: For the plant lover who’s in need of a little self care moment

What’s In It: The Feeling Smitten gift set is filled with all the goodies that are perfect for a little self love & plant love! Packed with our best-selling 2.5" Celfie Head Planter, Rose Clay and Jasmine Soap, Hoya Kerrii 2.5" Plant , & Palo Santo Bath salts. 

Why We Love It: It’s the perfect combo of all our favorite things and let’s be honest, plants are way better than flowers! Perfect to give or get!

Spa Night Gift Set, $30

For Who: For the person who’s desperately missing their spa days

What’s In It: Stocked with all natural products including the Selia & Co Rose + Rooibos Tea Mask and Brush, Tuberos Bath Salts, and our beautiful Cyclone planter, that can also be used as a face mask mixing bowl! 

Why We Love It: This Spa Night gift set is all about setting the tone for ultimate relaxation. And if there was ever a gift to give yourself - we’d say this just might be it. 

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