The More You Know: Pet Safe Plants

While some plant lovers only to stick to all things green, many of us are pet owners as well. We strive to keep both our leafy friends and furry companions healthy and living in harmony, but let’s face it: Plants and pets don’t always get along. More than just annoying, a dog or a cat sneaking an occasional nibble can be dangerous to your pet. Many classic houseplants (looking at you, Pothos and Sansevieria,) are actually toxic to pets. This is usually because the plants contain calcium oxalate crystals, which are sharp and irritate the mouth and digestive tracts of our furry friends. Thankfully, this isn’t necessarily life-threatening, but excess consumption can certainly cause a very stressful (and costly!) trip to the vet. So what’s a pet owning plant parent to do? Thankfully, there are lots of lovely plants that are completely non-toxic. Sticking to non-toxic houseplants insures your pet’s safety. Kitty shows no interest in your houseplants, and your dog ignores them, too? Still do your research and steer clear of anything very poisonous (Euphorbia and Sago Palms come to mind,) but you might try experimenting by bringing less toxic plants into your home. Still, better safe than sorry, and there are thousands of gorgeous plant options that are beautiful options for your home and will be just fine if your pet takes the occasional bite. Here are some of our favorite options - and shop our favorite pet friendly options shared below!

Spider Plant

Spider Plants are a classic for a reason. Their attractive, shaggy foliage makes a statement hanging near a window or draping over a high shelf. The abundance of babies they produce at the end of long runners gives them their unique visual impact and also makes them a breeze to propagate and share with friends! Cats may be attracted to Spider Plants due to their mild hallucinogenic effect on our feline friends (think of them as prettier catnip.) A nibble or two is perfectly safe, but be sure not to let your pet completely chow down on this (or any other) plant. 


There are more than 600 species of Pilea, and all of them are pet safe, making this a fun one to collect! Their smallish stature and unique foliage makes them a great option for window sills and coffee tables with plenty of light. Pilea Peperomioides is especially popular due to its attractive, saucer-like green leaves and the fact that it produces pups frequently, making this another great plant for those who like to share propagations!

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A cousin of Pilea, the Peperomia is not one to be outdone in terms of variety. There are over 1,500 species! All of these are pet safe as well, and make a stunning addition to any plant shelf. Look out for some of our favorites at the shop, including Watermelon Peperomia, Ripple Peperomias in emerald, ruby and silver, and even some harder to find varieties like Peperomia Prostrata (String of Turtles!) and Peperomia Hope. These various species display both upright growth and trailing growth, so there are lovely options in the Peperomia family for almost any well lit spot that needs a little green! 

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Fittionia, or the nerve plant, is also entirely pet safe. The gorgeous veining on the leaves makes this bushy little plant a real knock out. The veins come in shades of white, pink, and even vibrant red. When Fittonias get dry, they tend to feint (they’re drama queens!) but when watered they pop right back up, so quickly you can almost see them move! This is a fun one if you want to add a time-lapse video of them perking back up after a wilt your planstagram. It is fascinating to watch!

Ponytail Palm

If you’re looking for volume and height in your next plant purchase, consider the Ponytail Palm. They’re totally pet safe (which is unusual for something tree-like!) We carry Ponytail Palms in sizes anywhere from a sill-appropriate four inches to a whopping five foot floor plant. These are a must-have for a jungle vibe.

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Prayer Plants

All plants in the Prayer Plant family are non-toxic to pets. This includes Calathea and Maranta. These plants are extremely popular due to their bright and showy foliage (think pink!) but do require a little more care than some of the plants listed above. Prayer plants prefer a little extra humidity and to be watered with filtered or distilled water. Yes, you’re going to be sharing your Brita with your plant. Are they divas? You could say that. But does the fact that they’re both pet safe and have breathtaking foliage make up for this? Absolutely. They also have a darling habit of moving with the sun throughout the day, seeming to “pray,” hence the name. These are a great option for anyone looking to graduate to a gorgeous, but slightly more difficult, species of plant. Hey, you’re keeping a cat and/or dog alive! You’ve got this! 

Keeping these plants in mind while you’re out plant shopping is a great way to be able to enjoy the hobby you love at the same time as keeping your furry friends safe. We carry all of these options at Plant Salon, and often have even more pet safe species in stock. Feel free to check out our site, reach out to us digitally or ask us about our pet safe plants when you stop by!